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Germany: Christmas Markets, Heidelberg

Footsteps of 2015 can be hard by now. However, like many countries in Europe, Germany was also in the Christmas mood at the beginning of October.  Everyone was thinking about “Isn’t it too soon?”, but hello, Christmas is next week. 🙂 Probably the most joyful thing about Christmas time in Germany is Christmas markets! They start at the end of November every year until couple days before Christmas. They are my favorite! Reason to that is, you can feel the Christmas spirit exactly only in these markets besides being home with the family. Everywhere is full of lights and decorations, there are huge Christmas trees in every corner, little wooden cabins that sell chocolate, glühwein, crepes, sausages and lots of other things… All of these things are common in whole of the Germany in Christmas time, but since I am in Heidelberg, I have analyzed Heidelberger Christmas market a bit more for you. Advertisements

Low Cost Airline Guide

Flying is very economic for the ones who are living in European countries. We are familiar with companies like Pegasusand Atlasjet that promise cheap flights, therefore the prices are at still way too far from levels of Ryanair and Easyjet offering. Of course there are couple of reasons for those cheap prices, for example; if you are travelling with Ryanair you have to know that there are no default food/beverage service in the cabin and you have pay extra for it, extra luggage or any check-in except online check-in will be charged as extra penalties.