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Caffè Case, Milan

“Buongiorno! Un caffè, per favore?”  It’s a regular day start in Italy; with a delicious cup of coffee and its best company, brioche. People wake up early; they either prepare coffee by using mocha at their houses or they stop by a cafe on their way, where they probably visit every morning, and order a “caffè”. They don’t waste time while drinking coffee, they don’t like sitting too much; they finish up their espresso in a blink of an eye and move on with their daily to-do’s. The delicious and strong flavored espresso, only filling a half of a little cup, that consumed every morning is probably the reason why Italians are folks full with such an energy. 🙂 Advertisements

Italy: Piazza del Duomo, Milan

Without any doubt the first thing that has to be written about Milano is the city’s symbol, Europe’s 4th and Italy’s second biggest cathedral Duomo di Milano. The cathedral and the same-named square, Piazza del Duomo are located at the very heart of the city and are known as the most touristic and attracting place in Milan.