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Italy: Cinque Terre, Liguria

Imagine a tremendous view which is formed at Tiren, one of the arms of the Mediterrean Sea, by the houses coming together that are not very attractive when you think seperately. Even this piece of world is very distant from the city and lacking in a lot of opportunuties, think of a place which gives you a feeling of getting lost in the blue of the sea’s and stimulates happiness and peace inside out. Cinque Terre is exactly the place for these. Advertisements

Spain: Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

  Alcalá de Henares is a tiny university town, just 30 km away from Madrid. And what makes it special is that the city still conserves all history – even though it was severely damaged during Spanish Civil Wars between 1936 and 1939 – since the Bronze Age.  While strolling around the city’s most famous Cervantes Square, touring its university buildings or wandering on its pavements and alleys, you feel like you are in the Medieval Age. This is why you don’t get surprised when you see a couple wearing reinnesance costumes. Alcalá is Miguel de Cervantes’ birth town and also is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It has a soul and a story to tell like any other Spanish town. This is the reason to spare a day and stop by at Alcalá if you are in Madrid.

adidas all Originals Istanbul

Think of an event; that triggers the happiness hormone level in your veins from the very first moment when you see its invitation box. adidas all originals have raised our expectations from the very beginning; stole our hearts by the time we opened their fancy invitation box and found out colorful bracelets,  specially designed badges and neatly prepared information cards.

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2014, Istanbul

Began in 2009 in 13 countries to liven up the fashion and retail industry, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out was organized in Istanbul, on September 17th. Refering the popular culture and fast consuming by its POP concept, the 4th VFNO started with the opening in Nişantaşı and became a matter of entertainment throughout the night. This year the organization was held in Nişantaşı, Bağdat Street and İstinye Park. We, while enjoying this shopping night in İstinye Park, took notes for sharing our experiences with you. Have a nice reading. 🙂

Italy: Corso di Porta Ticinese, Milan

  May be one of the youngest and most creative spots in Milan, Corso di Porta Ticinese is named after Porta Ticinese: meaning Ticino Gate. Located in the city’s historical center and under construction like most of the other gates in the city nowadays, the gate was built in 16th century as a part of Mura Spagnole and it was demolished back in 19th century. After the demolition, a new structure was built and it has been in the same form since that time.  Corso di Porta Ticinese connects world-famous Torino Street to Duomo Square and is home to San Lorenzo – built in Roman Empire era and completed in 16th century-, Sant’ Eustorgio churches – once a very important destination for pilgrims since it was where the Magi graves were – and Basilicas Park – connecting the Sant’Eustorgio churches together -. Along with all of these, Corso di Porta Ticinese is one of the liveliest spots of the city with its small shops where you can buy original products, aperitivo restaurants and night life.

Beirut is in town!

Highly expected by indie-rock lovers, Beirut has given an outstanding performance last night and as one of their song said: had left a Sunday smile on our faces. The concert was accompanied with rain, but of course this didn’t stop Beirut fans. A happy crowd had already taken their places for this unforgettable performance. As the Chasing Wonders team, we were there too. While sniffing the air of the concert for you, we had the opportunity to see our very much loved band live. And, of course, we fed our souls with music. 🙂