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Italy: Cinque Terre, Liguria

Imagine a tremendous view which is formed at Tiren, one of the arms of the Mediterrean Sea, by the houses coming together that are not very attractive when you think seperately. Even this piece of world is very distant from the city and lacking in a lot of opportunuties, think of a place which gives you a feeling of getting lost in the blue of the sea’s and stimulates happiness and peace inside out. Cinque Terre is exactly the place for these. Advertisements


GNCFest has been organized by Turkey’s biggest youth club gnctrkcll in the past years and traveled a lot of cities in Turkey, underwent a change of concept. The festival would be held in Istanbul as a one-day, interactive organization. As soon as Pharrell and Rita Ora were added to the festival’s line-up, we were looking forward to the 7th of September. GNCFest’14 in ITU Stadium met our expectations and left a joyful Sunday memory with 12-hours full of music. The stadium was filled with more than 20 thousand people and as the Chasing Wonders team while enjoying the festival, we did not forget to take notes in case you missed it or just want to relive the day.

Italy: Corso di Porta Ticinese, Milan

  May be one of the youngest and most creative spots in Milan, Corso di Porta Ticinese is named after Porta Ticinese: meaning Ticino Gate. Located in the city’s historical center and under construction like most of the other gates in the city nowadays, the gate was built in 16th century as a part of Mura Spagnole and it was demolished back in 19th century. After the demolition, a new structure was built and it has been in the same form since that time.  Corso di Porta Ticinese connects world-famous Torino Street to Duomo Square and is home to San Lorenzo – built in Roman Empire era and completed in 16th century-, Sant’ Eustorgio churches – once a very important destination for pilgrims since it was where the Magi graves were – and Basilicas Park – connecting the Sant’Eustorgio churches together -. Along with all of these, Corso di Porta Ticinese is one of the liveliest spots of the city with its small shops where you can buy original products, aperitivo restaurants and night life.

Italy: Piazza del Duomo, Milan

Without any doubt the first thing that has to be written about Milano is the city’s symbol, Europe’s 4th and Italy’s second biggest cathedral Duomo di Milano. The cathedral and the same-named square, Piazza del Duomo are located at the very heart of the city and are known as the most touristic and attracting place in Milan. 

Italy: Bellagio, Lake Como

Known as the pearl of the Lake of Como, Bellagio stands in the region where the lake seperates into two arms. Being not only romatic, but also cute, full of history and peace, Bellagio is the place that owns narrow streets with little boutiques and gelaterias with delightful ice creams and the view where Como meets Alpine, is totally worth seeing. One of the most outstanding sides of Bellagio; in spite of taking place at the top north region of the Italy, it still has the Mediterranean fever. That’s why I suppose, since the very first moment when we dropped of the bus, this village put a great smile on our faces and didn’t let it fade away until we leave the town. 🙂