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Free the Chicken on Valentine’s Day

First of all, a little disclosure: Since last year, our experiences and what we’ve heard from our friends told us one common thing. That is, the food and service of the restaurant is mediocre contrary to what has been expected.  After experiencing two discontent visits, we set our mind on not going to Jamie’s Italian again…Until Zomato invited us to an amazing event.  We want to thank the Zomato and Jamie’s Italian staff and would like to talk about this young and dynamic group of people who repaired the bad reputation and told us about the transformation of the restaurant. Advertisements


The chaos of the city, work, school… Like everyone else, we get pretty tired trying to get through the day. Even though we try to be nice to our bodies and try to make healthier choices, it is almost impossible to avoid foods that we don’t even know the ingredients of.  And usually we gravitate towards snack food to spoil ourselves but in the meantime we upset our bodies. We have been feeling very worn out and exhausted lately and although we believe that our bodies can do self-cleaning, we decided to help our bodies, put an end to our current habits and make some changes.   This decision helped us meet Juico. The concept of Juice Cleanse has been gaining a lot of popularity internationally. And two businesswomen, Sedef and Deniz, have carried this trend to Turkey and helped us out in our experience.  We are sharing our 2-day Juico Urban experience for those who share our thoughts and who do not have any idea what cleanse is and are afraid to try.  Take a …


GNCFest has been organized by Turkey’s biggest youth club gnctrkcll in the past years and traveled a lot of cities in Turkey, underwent a change of concept. The festival would be held in Istanbul as a one-day, interactive organization. As soon as Pharrell and Rita Ora were added to the festival’s line-up, we were looking forward to the 7th of September. GNCFest’14 in ITU Stadium met our expectations and left a joyful Sunday memory with 12-hours full of music. The stadium was filled with more than 20 thousand people and as the Chasing Wonders team while enjoying the festival, we did not forget to take notes in case you missed it or just want to relive the day.

Beirut is in town!

Highly expected by indie-rock lovers, Beirut has given an outstanding performance last night and as one of their song said: had left a Sunday smile on our faces. The concert was accompanied with rain, but of course this didn’t stop Beirut fans. A happy crowd had already taken their places for this unforgettable performance. As the Chasing Wonders team, we were there too. While sniffing the air of the concert for you, we had the opportunity to see our very much loved band live. And, of course, we fed our souls with music. 🙂

Turkey: Karakoy, Istanbul

The Karakoy region of Istanbul, located at the creek of Halic, being one of the oldest financial centers, looking good with its glamorous view. The historic texture of the old buildings came together with modern life’s texture and with the inclusion of places that are not only peaceful but also full of entertainment, Karakoy today, has become one of the headquarters of Istanbul citizen’s weekend pleasure.