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Grazia, now in Turkey!

Say hello to the first international weekly magazine in the market! Grazia family’s newest member is Grazia Turkey! Mondadori‘s famous magazine will be published by Ommedya Group. We read and loved the first copy of Grazia Turkey while entertaining a Coca-Cola light from the collection “Coca-Cola loves Moschino“. Welcome and good luck Grazia! Advertisements

Turkey: Karakoy, Istanbul

The Karakoy region of Istanbul, located at the creek of Halic, being one of the oldest financial centers, looking good with its glamorous view. The historic texture of the old buildings came together with modern life’s texture and with the inclusion of places that are not only peaceful but also full of entertainment, Karakoy today, has become one of the headquarters of Istanbul citizen’s weekend pleasure. 

Italy: Bellagio, Lake Como

Known as the pearl of the Lake of Como, Bellagio stands in the region where the lake seperates into two arms. Being not only romatic, but also cute, full of history and peace, Bellagio is the place that owns narrow streets with little boutiques and gelaterias with delightful ice creams and the view where Como meets Alpine, is totally worth seeing. One of the most outstanding sides of Bellagio; in spite of taking place at the top north region of the Italy, it still has the Mediterranean fever. That’s why I suppose, since the very first moment when we dropped of the bus, this village put a great smile on our faces and didn’t let it fade away until we leave the town. 🙂

Italy: Corso Venezia, Milan

I believe in putting in a bit of legwork when it comes to explore a city. That is why I’ve been chasing a map and continuously on the move since I came to Milan. One of those days spent on foot searching for Duomo, I explored the “Corso Venezia“. At first sight, Milan is a little cold and dark for those who are used to warm and sunny cities but It’s also full of surprises just like the one and only Corso Venezia if you are not afraid of getting lost. Sweet little cafes, vintage boutiques, fruiterers and a huge park “Indro Montanelli” with a museum hidden in it are waiting for you to find them in Corso Venezia.