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Caffè Case, Milan

“Buongiorno! Un caffè, per favore?”  It’s a regular day start in Italy; with a delicious cup of coffee and its best company, brioche. People wake up early; they either prepare coffee by using mocha at their houses or they stop by a cafe on their way, where they probably visit every morning, and order a “caffè”. They don’t waste time while drinking coffee, they don’t like sitting too much; they finish up their espresso in a blink of an eye and move on with their daily to-do’s. The delicious and strong flavored espresso, only filling a half of a little cup, that consumed every morning is probably the reason why Italians are folks full with such an energy. 🙂 Advertisements

Italy: Corso di Porta Ticinese, Milan

  May be one of the youngest and most creative spots in Milan, Corso di Porta Ticinese is named after Porta Ticinese: meaning Ticino Gate. Located in the city’s historical center and under construction like most of the other gates in the city nowadays, the gate was built in 16th century as a part of Mura Spagnole and it was demolished back in 19th century. After the demolition, a new structure was built and it has been in the same form since that time.  Corso di Porta Ticinese connects world-famous Torino Street to Duomo Square and is home to San Lorenzo – built in Roman Empire era and completed in 16th century-, Sant’ Eustorgio churches – once a very important destination for pilgrims since it was where the Magi graves were – and Basilicas Park – connecting the Sant’Eustorgio churches together -. Along with all of these, Corso di Porta Ticinese is one of the liveliest spots of the city with its small shops where you can buy original products, aperitivo restaurants and night life.

Spain: Ciutat Vella, Barcelona

  Being conquered by ancient Roman Empire and to be used as castra in 15 BC; handled by Visigoths and Arabians in the 3rd and the 8th centuries respectively, conquered by Franks in the year of 801, Barcelona today, is the capital city of Catalonia and the second biggest city of Spain. Barcelona, not only owns a rich culture but also it is one of the Mediterranean’s biggest ports and trade centers. Nowadays, Barcelona is a haunt spot for tourism; earned it’s deserved fame from the 25th Olympic Games took place in 1992, composed of streets filled with Gaudi’s and Montaner’s brilliant work of art, having beaches & festivals, including all of these, Barcelona has a a lot to offer. Barcelona is the 6th most populated city of European Union; composed of 6 regions and those regions are separated to district. The one that will be our wonder today is Ciutat Vella, located in the center of city, which means “old city”.

Gelato Case, Milan

As a couple, one our favorite things in this world is food. Neither new or traditional, trying out new tastes, chasing great food is our passion. That’s why we love the blog’s Chasing Wonders of Great Taste part, it’s even more precious for us. 🙂 Chasing Wonders of Great Taste’s first topic is the common passion of us which is Italian ice cream, gelato. Gelato takes its original Italian name from the Latin language word, “gelātus” which means frozen. Therefore containing min 3.5% butter inside and having a different process of preparation than the ice cream itself, it’s especially called gelato mostly in US. During our time in Milano we tried out lots of gelatos, listed the best gelaterias in town and highlighted the most-loved tastes;

Italy: Piazza del Duomo, Milan

Without any doubt the first thing that has to be written about Milano is the city’s symbol, Europe’s 4th and Italy’s second biggest cathedral Duomo di Milano. The cathedral and the same-named square, Piazza del Duomo are located at the very heart of the city and are known as the most touristic and attracting place in Milan.