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Italy: Brera, Milan

After only a few days of holiday, you might think this place is not so warm. In contrast when I explored Brera, I recognized that Milano is actually full of surprises and if someone wants to explore this city, Milano is very generous in the way of making people happy while holding chances to change people. Brera means purified from trees in Italian. The reason for this is, in old times this district took place out of the city walls of Milano and left without any trees because of army manners. Let this don’t scare you since, with very colorful houses, narrow but cute streets and cosy restaurants, this place is officially alive. Advertisements

Italy: Corso Venezia, Milan

I believe in putting in a bit of legwork when it comes to explore a city. That is why I’ve been chasing a map and continuously on the move since I came to Milan. One of those days spent on foot searching for Duomo, I explored the “Corso Venezia“. At first sight, Milan is a little cold and dark for those who are used to warm and sunny cities but It’s also full of surprises just like the one and only Corso Venezia if you are not afraid of getting lost. Sweet little cafes, vintage boutiques, fruiterers and a huge park “Indro Montanelli” with a museum hidden in it are waiting for you to find them in Corso Venezia.