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Italy: Cinque Terre, Liguria

Imagine a tremendous view which is formed at Tiren, one of the arms of the Mediterrean Sea, by the houses coming together that are not very attractive when you think seperately. Even this piece of world is very distant from the city and lacking in a lot of opportunuties, think of a place which gives you a feeling of getting lost in the blue of the sea’s and stimulates happiness and peace inside out. Cinque Terre is exactly the place for these. Advertisements

UAE: Desert Safari, Dubai

Fed up with cold weather going on? We thought that you’ve been missing hot and sunny days therefore wanted to publish a warm safari article from the warm Dubai. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Soğuklardan bıktınız değil mi, biz de öyle! Güneşli günleri özlediğinizi düşünerek, sıcacık Dubai’den sıcacık bir safari yazısı paylaşmak istedik. Keyifli okumalar. 🙂

Feeling like home in Rome

Every city has its own beauty. And in every city there is a place that makes you feel like home – happy, peaceful and calm. This city can either be Rome – daring to unravel all of its beauties in a very short time, or Milan – taking more time to discover but definitely worth the while.  Wherever this place may be, the fact stays the same. You walk with a map in hand, you turn a corner and you see “the” cafe, street, shop or a person that takes your breath away.

Germany: Christmas Markets, Heidelberg

Footsteps of 2015 can be hard by now. However, like many countries in Europe, Germany was also in the Christmas mood at the beginning of October.  Everyone was thinking about “Isn’t it too soon?”, but hello, Christmas is next week. 🙂 Probably the most joyful thing about Christmas time in Germany is Christmas markets! They start at the end of November every year until couple days before Christmas. They are my favorite! Reason to that is, you can feel the Christmas spirit exactly only in these markets besides being home with the family. Everywhere is full of lights and decorations, there are huge Christmas trees in every corner, little wooden cabins that sell chocolate, glühwein, crepes, sausages and lots of other things… All of these things are common in whole of the Germany in Christmas time, but since I am in Heidelberg, I have analyzed Heidelberger Christmas market a bit more for you.

Aperitivo Case, Milan

The word of “aperitivo” is derived from the Latin word “aperire”, meaning “to open”, and it stands for low alcohol beverages that are consumed before dinner. The history of aperitivo starts with Antonio Benedetto Carpano to produce modern Vermut in 1786 and thinking that it would be a more suitable drink for women then wine. This trend became very popular in Italy in 19th century, spread throughout all Europe at the end of the 19th century and then to America. And got its current shape with “happy hour”, the period of time in which Americans serve free/discounted snacks.

Spain: Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

  Alcalá de Henares is a tiny university town, just 30 km away from Madrid. And what makes it special is that the city still conserves all history – even though it was severely damaged during Spanish Civil Wars between 1936 and 1939 – since the Bronze Age.  While strolling around the city’s most famous Cervantes Square, touring its university buildings or wandering on its pavements and alleys, you feel like you are in the Medieval Age. This is why you don’t get surprised when you see a couple wearing reinnesance costumes. Alcalá is Miguel de Cervantes’ birth town and also is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It has a soul and a story to tell like any other Spanish town. This is the reason to spare a day and stop by at Alcalá if you are in Madrid.