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The chaos of the city, work, school… Like everyone else, we get pretty tired trying to get through the day. Even though we try to be nice to our bodies and try to make healthier choices, it is almost impossible to avoid foods that we don’t even know the ingredients of.  And usually we gravitate towards snack food to spoil ourselves but in the meantime we upset our bodies. We have been feeling very worn out and exhausted lately and although we believe that our bodies can do self-cleaning, we decided to help our bodies, put an end to our current habits and make some changes.   This decision helped us meet Juico. The concept of Juice Cleanse has been gaining a lot of popularity internationally. And two businesswomen, Sedef and Deniz, have carried this trend to Turkey and helped us out in our experience.  We are sharing our 2-day Juico Urban experience for those who share our thoughts and who do not have any idea what cleanse is and are afraid to try.  Take a …

Being a Student in Milan

After a journey of application and confirmation period that last a year, and my time has come to start living in Milan as an Erasmus student, the researches that I made on the internet about transportation, living, residence permit was not enough. So that’s why I wanted to share my experience about those topics that I gained after start living in Milan.

Low Cost Airline Guide

Flying is very economic for the ones who are living in European countries. We are familiar with companies like Pegasusand Atlasjet that promise cheap flights, therefore the prices are at still way too far from levels of Ryanair and Easyjet offering. Of course there are couple of reasons for those cheap prices, for example; if you are travelling with Ryanair you have to know that there are no default food/beverage service in the cabin and you have pay extra for it, extra luggage or any check-in except online check-in will be charged as extra penalties.