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9 Things to Know About Lollapalooza Berlin / Lollapalooza Berlin Hakkında Bilmeniz Gereken 9 Şey

  Spring is in the air, summer is about to arrive and most importantly festival season in coming! While tons of festivals are revealing its line-ups, we are happy and more than excited to take you through first tour of Lollapalooza Berlin where we have attended last year in 2015 and planning to participate in 2016, again! Also you can find few more great summer festival options that are going to happen in Turkey in our article. Bahar geldi, havalar ısındı ve festival sezonu kapıya dayandı! Birçok festivalin line-up’larını açıkladığı ve içimizin heyecanla dolduğu bugünlerde hem geçen sene gitme fırsatı bulduğumuz ve bu yıl da gitme planları yaptığımız Lollapalooza Berlin’den hem de bu yaz Türkiye’de bizi bekleyen bir çok festivalden kısaca bahsedelim dedik! Advertisements

One more reason to love Berlin!

Great news to festival lovers! Lollapalooza, a bucket list member, is landing in Berlin, Germany! Tempelhof Airport will be hosting the first European Lollapalooza on September 12 & 13, 2015. Line-up is a “huge” plus, but hey it’s Lollapalooza. So fly over, and join us. We’ll be there to dance. OH and if you have kids, they have Kidzapalooza. Find the line-up below.  

Italy: Cinque Terre, Liguria

Imagine a tremendous view which is formed at Tiren, one of the arms of the Mediterrean Sea, by the houses coming together that are not very attractive when you think seperately. Even this piece of world is very distant from the city and lacking in a lot of opportunuties, think of a place which gives you a feeling of getting lost in the blue of the sea’s and stimulates happiness and peace inside out. Cinque Terre is exactly the place for these.

UAE: Desert Safari, Dubai

Fed up with cold weather going on? We thought that you’ve been missing hot and sunny days therefore wanted to publish a warm safari article from the warm Dubai. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Soğuklardan bıktınız değil mi, biz de öyle! Güneşli günleri özlediğinizi düşünerek, sıcacık Dubai’den sıcacık bir safari yazısı paylaşmak istedik. Keyifli okumalar. 🙂

Grazia, now in Turkey!

Say hello to the first international weekly magazine in the market! Grazia family’s newest member is Grazia Turkey! Mondadori‘s famous magazine will be published by Ommedya Group. We read and loved the first copy of Grazia Turkey while entertaining a Coca-Cola light from the collection “Coca-Cola loves Moschino“. Welcome and good luck Grazia!